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Fixed Price Servicing

We believe in open and honest pricing, So we offer fixed price servicing on all mowers, strimmers, chain saws and hedgecutters and free estimates on repairs. Fixed price servicing includes free collection, a full service, blade sharpen, all parts/oils required for the service and delivery back to your home. 

All Machines Catered For

We dont just service and repair Mowers we also cover Strimmers, Chainsaws, Hedgecutters, Disc Cutters, Generators, Ride on Mowers, Chippers, Compact Tractors, all small 2 and 4 stroke engines and offer a Hand Tool sharpening service. 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority and we take pride in our work. All mowers will be serviced in accordance to the manufactures recommendations in order to maintain warranty conditions and the service book stamped. We have many years experience and a have been Hayter main dealer trained so you can be sure that you will receive the highest standard of service.  

Our Philosophy

At 1066 Mowers and Machinery we aim to provide a quality service at an affordable price. Nobody likes unexpected charges so by providing fixed priced servicing we take the worry out of servicing your mower. And if there is any additional work that needs to be done that is not covered under the fixed price then we will call you with a price  for this additional work before we carry it out so you are kept up to date at all times. We take pride in our work and want happy customers that return to us year after year.

Winter servicing

Why Service at the end of the season?

Servicing at the end of the season has many benefits over getting it serviced at the beginning of the season not least that you will avoid the spring time rush and be ready to mow as soon as the weather changes.

More reasons to winterise your mower...

  • Fuel left in your mower goes bad over winter and can cause damage to the delicate carburetor internals 
  • Old dirty oil contains contaminants which if left sitting in the machine over winter can cause  premature internal damage
  • If old damp grass is left stuck to the underside of the deck all winter it causes the deck to corrode prematurely
  • Avoid the spring time rush and have your mower ready to go when you need it.

Guaranteed start

Because we use Aspen Fuel when carrying out winter servicing of your mower we guarantee it will start when you first use it in the spring. Aspen is much more stable than pump fuel so it does not "go off" or "varnish" inside the carburetor if left over long periods of time. If it doesn't start when you first use the mower in the spring we will come and sort it straight away free of charge. 

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Price List

Terms and conditions - Machines booked in for a service but do not run prior to service my incur an additional fee to diagnose the reason for not running. Machines older than 15 years may incur and additional service charge if parts are hard to obtain or machine is in poor general condition. Machines fitted with cleanable foam filters Will be cleaned rather than replaced unless they are in poor condition.

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